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What you will learn

Master all roles so you can think like a pro and carry in every game and every meta! Classes start at 3:30pm ET / 9:30pm CET, July 24th! All classes will be recorded as VODs so no worries if you miss any!

Day 1

Mastering Game Knowledge

Day 2

Advanced Jungle Pathing

Day 3

Objective & Team Fight Strategy

Day 4

Jungle Control & Denial

Day 5

VOD Reviewing Fundamentals

Day 6

Abusing Combat & Bounties

Day 7

Mid Game Macro

Day 8

Laning & Skillshots

Day 9

Ultimate Teamfighting

Day 10

Isolating Win Conditions

Improve insanely fast

Getting good at LoL with video courses & YouTube alone isn't enough! You need to combine it with live classes, coaching advice and hands-on drills that lead to real improvements! With the bootcamp, you'll get everything you need to finally rank up and start playing like a pro!

How it works

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    Signup for the LoL bootcamp

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    Get access to the exclusive discord.

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    Join a live class each day to learn master lessons from the coaches!

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    Practice new training methods and activities after each class.

  • 5

    Enjoy your upgraded skills and start playing at a higher level!

Learn From the best

Years of coaching, analysis and teaching on his 200k+ YouTube channel have lead to a vast sea of League wisdom. But in this bootcamp Virkayu will teach you his top lessons so you can become a genius jungler!

Kybet has helped 1500+ students & 25+ teams reach higher levels of mastery. Now he'll teach you what it actually takes to reach a higher rank, and push towards the pro scene.

Shok was a pro player for LCO team Dire Wolves until 2021. He's also been a challenger Mid Laner since 2016, achieving Rank 1 three times!

RogueLoL is a former professional LoL Player with 7 years of player experience with teams like Pentanet & Izi Dream!

Join the 10-day LoL Bootcamp!

Get access to a game-changing experience! Join now to get free access to all past bootcamp classes + bonus Virkayu video courses!

10 Day Bootcamp

  • 10 Live Bootcamp Classes!
  • 4x Master Lessons with Virkayu
  • 4x Master Lessons with Kybet
  • 2x VOD Review Classes
  • Access to Bootcamp Community

Pro Package

  • All the Benefits of the 10-Day Bootcamp
  • Free 1-Month Academy Access
  • Individual VOD Review (30m)
  • Access to Bonus VOD Review Class

Pro Pack + Coaching

  • All the Benefits of the Bootcamp Pro Package
  • One-on-One Coaching with a Gosu Coach (60m)
  • Customized 1 Month Training Plan
  • Follow up VOD review (30 mins).


While you’ve been wasting time with video courses and bad training methods, your competition has been getting an advantage...

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