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Learn the secrets to continuous improvement, so that you can break through skill barriers and keep climbing! Join the Valorant bootcamp!


You can't reach the tier 1 scene in 10 days, but you sure as hell CAN upgrade your approach to the game, enhance your methods of improvement and start thinking and playing at a higher skill level!


What you will learn

Bootcamp classes will attempt to accomodate NA & EU timezones. But all classes will be recorded as VODs so no worries if you miss any!

  • Day 1

    Blu: Positional Configurations

  • Day 2

    M1sfit: High Elo Mistakes

  • Day 3

    Blu: Creating Win Conditions

  • Day 4

    Neilzinho: Entry Fragging

  • Day 5

    Thwifo: Confidence

  • Day 6

    Neilzinho: Tier 1 Strategies

  • Day 7

    Anderzz: Master of War Straegy

  • Day 8

    Anderzz: Win from Disadvantage

  • Day 9

    Anderzz: Playing the Odds

  • Day 10

    Anderzz: Art Of Anchoring 2


Learning Valorant with video courses & YouTube are incredibly ineffective (and boring). Bootcamp-style courses are live, fast-paced, and give you hands-on activities and drills that lead to real improvements. With the bootcamp community, accountability, and active learning, you'll be able to improve up to 2x faster!

How it works

  • 1

    Signup for the valorant bootcamp

  • 2

    Get access to the exclusive discord.

  • 3

    Join a live class each day to learn master lessons & from VOD reviews.

  • 4

    Practice new training methods and activities after each class.

  • 5

    Enjoy your upgraded skills and start playing at a higher level!

Learn From the best

Anderzz - Pro coach and strategic mastermind, with experience coaching for teams Fnatic, Viruoso and Versionx.

Thwifo - Pro Valorant player for 100 Thieves, previous player for NRG & T1.

Neilzinho - A former CSGO pro, turned pro Valorant coach for G2 & DarkZero and now head coach of Team Heretics.


For the price of one coaching session get ten live classes from pro coaches!



  • 2x Master Lessons with Neilzinho
  • 2x Master Lessons with Blu
  • 1x Master Lesson with Thwifo
  • 1x Master Lesson with M1sfit
  • 4x Master Lessons with Anderzz
  • Access to Bootcamp Community
  • 2-Weeks of Coaching Q&A in Discord

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Bootcamp Pro Package


  • All the Benefits of the 10-Day Bootcamp
  • Free 1-Month Academy Access
  • Individual VOD Review (30m)
  • Access to Bonus VOD Review Class

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Pro Package + Coaching


  • All the Benefits of the Bootcamp Pro Package
  • One-on-One Coaching with a Gosu Coach (60m)
  • Customized 1 Month Training Plan
  • Follow up VOD review (30 mins)

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While you’ve been wasting time with video courses and bad training methods, your competition has been getting an advantage...

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