Break through elo hell, boost your win rate and climb to higher ranks with advanced lessons & daily challenges. Join the League of Legends bootcamp!

all new 10 Day LoL Bootcamp

Become a jungle god AND master of the lane so you can carry in every game and every meta.
After just 10 days you'll be equipped with the advanced knowledge and fundamentals to break skill barriers and keep climbing towards the next division.


What you will learn

Master all roles so you can think like a pro and carry in every game and every meta! Classes start at 3:30pm ET / 9:30pm CET, July 24th! All classes will be recorded as VODs so no worries if you miss any!

  • Day 1

    Mastering Game Knowledge

  • Day 2

    Advanced Jungle Pathing

  • Day 3

    Objective & Team Fight Strategy

  • Day 4

    Jungle Control & Denial

  • Day 5

    VOD Reviewing Fundamentals

  • Day 6

    Abusing Combat & Bounties

  • Day 7

    Mid Game Macro

  • Day 8

    Laning & Skillshots

  • Day 9

    Ultimate Teamfighting

  • Day 10

    Isolating Win Conditions

Improve insanely fast

Getting good at LoL with video courses & YouTube alone isn't enough! You need to combine it with live classes, coaching advice and hands-on drills that lead to real improvements! With the bootcamp, you'll get everything you need to finally rank up and start playing like a pro!

How it works

  • 1

    Signup for the LoL bootcamp

  • 2

    Get access to the exclusive discord.

  • 3

    Join a live class each day to learn master lessons from the coaches!

  • 4

    Practice new training methods and activities after each class.

  • 5

    Enjoy your upgraded skills and start playing at a higher level!

Learn From the best

Years of coaching, analysis and teaching on his 200k+ YouTube channel have lead to a vast sea of League wisdom. But in this bootcamp Virkayu will teach you his top lessons so you can become a genius jungler!

Kybet has helped 1500+ students & 25+ teams reach higher levels of mastery. Now he'll teach you what it actually takes to reach a higher rank, and push towards the pro scene.

Shok was a pro player for LCO team Dire Wolves until 2021. He's also been a challenger Mid Laner since 2016, achieving Rank 1 three times!

RogueLoL is a former professional LoL Player with 7 years of player experience with teams like Pentanet & Izi Dream!

Join the 10-day LoL Bootcamp!

Get access to a game-changing experience! Join now to get free access to all past bootcamp classes + bonus Virkayu video courses!

10 Day Bootcamp


  • 10 Live Bootcamp Classes!
  • 4x Master Lessons with Virkayu
  • 4x Master Lessons with Kybet
  • 2x VOD Review Classes
  • Access to Bootcamp Community


Pro Package


  • All the Benefits of the 10-Day Bootcamp
  • Free 1-Month Academy Access
  • Individual VOD Review (30m)
  • Access to Bonus VOD Review Class


Pro Pack + Coaching


  • All the Benefits of the Bootcamp Pro Package
  • One-on-One Coaching with a Gosu Coach (60m)
  • Customized 1 Month Training Plan
  • Follow up VOD review (30 mins).



While you’ve been wasting time with video courses and bad training methods, your competition has been getting an advantage...