Join the CSGO Bootcamp and Improve at CS:GO with Voo's Best Tips & Advice

Voo’s 10 Day CSGO Bootcamp

In just 10 days you'll be thinking strategically like the pros and breaking through the mistakes and bad habits that previously held you back. Join the bootcamp to master your utility usage, optimize your map control, and upgrade your aim and movement with an advanced new routine.


What you will learn

Class times will alternate each day between 2pm ET/8pm CET and 6pm ET/12am CET All classes will be recorded as VODs so no worries if you miss any!

  • Day 1

    Aim, Peeking & Movement

  • Day 2

    Demo Review +
    Q&A with Voo

  • Day 3

    Team Skills, Roles & Communication

  • Day 4

    Demo Review +
    Q&A with Voo

  • Day 5

    Map Control

  • Day 6

    Demo Review +
    Q&A with Voo

  • Day 7

    Utility Usage

  • Day 8

    Demo Review +
    Q&A with Voo

  • Day 9

    Strats and
    Counter Strats

  • Day 10

    Final Day
    Team Drills!

Video Courses & YouTube Don't Work

Getting good at CSGO with video courses & YouTube is incredibly ineffective and boring. But bootcamp-style courses are live, fast-paced, and give you hands-on activities and drills that lead to real improvements. With the CSGO bootcamp community, accountability, and active learning, you'll be able to improve up to 2x more!

How it works

  • 1

    Signup for the CSGO bootcamp

  • 2

    Get access to the exclusive discord.

  • 3

    Join a live class each day to learn master lessons and get live demo reviews from Voo.

  • 4

    Practice new training methods and activities after each class.

  • 5

    Enjoy your upgraded skills and start playing at a higher level.

Learn From the best

Years of playing, analyzing and teaching CSGO all condensed into a 10-day bootcamp. You'll learn from some of the brightest minds in CS; Donald "Voo" Parkhurst and Peter "Kremer3" Kremer.

Voo will break down your demos and help you discover the mistakes and bad habits holding you back, while Peter teaches master lessons to help you become a smarter player!


While you’ve been wasting time with video courses and bad training methods, your competition has been getting an advantage...

Join the CSGO Bootcamp!

The next bootcamp begins April 21st. Join now to get access to the exclusive discord! Join the 30-Day Training Program! Also check out the 30-day CSGO training program/bootcamp (live now)!

10 Day Bootcamp


  • 10 Live Bootcamp Classes!
  • 4x Q&A & Demo Review Classes with Voo
  • 2-Week Access to Premium Community
  • 5x Master Lessons
  • Q&A & Support via Discord

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Pro Package


  • All the Benefits of the 10-Day Bootcamp
  • Advanced Brain-Performance Training
  • Individual Skill Assessment
  • Access to Bonus VOD Review Class

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Pro Package + Coaching


  • All the Benefits of the Bootcamp Pro Package
  • A one-on-one coaching session with a Gosu Coach
  • Customized 1 month Training Plan
  • Bonus Skills Assessment (30 mins).

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Risk Free Guarantee

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We Care That Our Service Works

That's why we offer a no questions asked refund. If its not for you, you shouldn't have to pay for it. Just ask for a refund within the first 3 days of the course.

Great Quality

Students love the bootcamps! In fact less than 0.5% of our customers have ever asked for a refund. We know you'll love it too!